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A Matter of Numbers: What is Joyce thinking?1 minute read

Peter Costello has made a very good point today (as per usual). Ron Boswell and Barnaby Joyce (two of the Queensland Nationals Senators) do not hold the balance of power. They do not control the outcomes in the Senate.

All of the 38 Coalitions Senators do! Barnaby Joyce somehow thinks that because he was one of the last Senators to reach quota, he holds the balance of power? Dear me.

The fact is, the numbers elected, whether elected forst or last, are all equal. They have equal power over the vote, equal power over outcomes in the Senate and equal weighting.

Just because one Senator happened to be the last one in the door doesn’t mean his mandate is greater than any other. If Barnaby Joyce thinks he has a special privilege or say in the outcome of Senate voting, he is a goose. Remember, this is from a state whose population is against daylight savings because they think it “fades the curtains”. I kid you not. This stupidity has even been debated in NSW Parliament, because not only Queenslanders believe it fades the curtains but, seemingly, many people from country New South Wales do as well.

When will the Queensland branches of the Coalition actually preselect intelligent candidates? There is something unique about the politicians they preselect; Barnaby Joyce is proving to be no different.

Published by Constantine Frantzeskos

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