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Thumbs up for Benetton1 minute read

Why should one of the world’s largest designer clothing companies bow down to some ill-considered and ignorant demand by some uneducated, reactionary extremist extremist organisation?

That is the question Benetton is asking as PETA has demanded it not use Aussie wool in its clothes.

Benetton is saying quite rightly that Australian woolgrowers produce the best wool in the world, so why stop using it? PETA, in other words, can get stuffed!

PETA’s grievances are based on stupid notions. They would have us believe that practices which are performed on humans (for our own good) are somehow immoral on animals. That minor surgery or procedures which may cause pain in the short term (for the long term good of the animal) are somehow totally unjustified, and that the perpetrators and anyone to do with them are evil.


So what next? PETH (People for The Ethical Treatment of Humans) banning dentistry because of the “pain and suffering” of patients?

Throwing blood at surgeons who specialise in maxillofacial surgery, particularly wisdom teeth removal?

Banning sport because it can lead to injury?

PETA will be irrelevant within a year or two – they’re a bunch of frauds whose only strength is their ability to draft moronic actors and singers to “raunchy” (for American standards) photo shoots.

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