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Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer, was trained in typography. As was Tony Martin, Australia’s best comedian / radio host / film maker / film buff.

Who else?

What is it about typography that enhances lateral thinking and creativity? Or is it just a fluke these two very creative people trained in

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Borders is in trouble. Not good.

The Australian arm of the fantastic chain of bookstores, Borders, is being put up for sale by its US parent company.

The US company is deep financial troubles and is selling off assets and concentrating on domestic businesses. Let’s hope the excellent service, range and strategy of Borders continues in

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An Inconvenient Quote

Ayn Rand’s testimony to the House Un-American Activities Committee on October 20, 1947:

She opined that filmmakers were adopting “the theory of the Nazi elite – that a choice group of intellectual or other leaders will tell the people lies for their own good”.

I’m beginning to see this everywhere, especially from

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Pipes by Yahoo!

I’ll put this really simply.

I think Yahoo! Pipes is one of the most revolutionary applications of the internet since the world wide web was invented in 1993.

I’ve had a bash – and failed miserably – but the way I can see this thing developing is just so amazingly powerful. Here’s

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School Ties

Driving through the leafy suburban streets of Balwyn a few weeks ago, I was struck by the number of real estate boards outside homes which had a strange little logo on them “In the Balwyn High School Zone”. Balwyn High, a state school, is one of the best performed schools

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