Dolce & Gabbana’s bad, bad move

D&G have had to pull an ad which seems to portray a man raping a woman while his mates look on.

Well… That’s what the media are saying.

The problems are thus:
1. D&G went on the front foot and tried to claim that Spain and the media of other countries that complained were “behind the times” in their portrayals of lust and seduction.

2. Then they realised that overall, people wre pretty unimpressed with the ad, which led to them having to do a MASSIVE about face – which means they lost face. And they withdrew the ad.

3. Which made them look out of touch.

4. The other issue is that it’s fine to upset old fogeys and traditional media if you want to appeal to the kids, but only AS LONG AS YOU APPEAL TO THE KIDS. If you piss EVERYONE off, then you’ve achieved nothing. If it’s cool and pisses off the oldies, it reinforces the brand. If it’s not cool and pisses off the oldies, you’ve just given the oldies a free kick against your brand, which the kids would HATE, as it makes “their brand” look out of touch.

Now D&G have to face up to a boycott of the company’s products by the Italian Textile union, the CGIL. Big headaches.

Constantine Frantzeskos

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