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I loathe LED / fluorescent lighting1 minute read

Since the sun was formed in a mass of burning gases in a grand galatical ballet, burning gases or burning elements have provided all of our light. Whether natural light or man made, we’ve had a particular natural wavelength that has defined our illumination. But of course some unimaginative politicans want to take that away and replace it with an artificial glow from a plastic strobe.

Quite frankly, Malcolm Turnbull can get stuffed! If I want to buy a traditional, warm, lightbulb, I should be able to buy one! But Malcolm and co want to BAN THE BULB?

What is the world coming to? Australia is now going to be bathed in artificial, flickering, hard on the eye, flourescent/LED bulbs. This is something I would have expected from the ALP, not the bloody LIBERAL Party. When Latham decided he was going to ban plastic bags, John Howard called him “Mandatory Mark”. What’s the difference?

If I were to decide to sell traditional light bulbs, I would be a criminal on par with someone who sells weed? WTF?

Apart from the obvious – that it is a slap in the face of personal freedom, what about the increase in headaches, in sore eyes, in people being effected by flourescence? And aesthetically, please don’t tell me “nu-breed” lights look anywhere near as nice as traditional “burning filament” lights?

This environmental push is bullshit. All in the name of the next Killer Bees/Yellow Peril/SARS/Y2K Bug, we have to compromise our personal freedoms. What a joke.

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One thought on “I loathe LED / fluorescent lighting”

  1. Paul Karagiannis says:

    People of the Future (Read 2010),

    You read it here first: Your electricity supplier has upped the price of power to offset the loss in consumption due to the switch to the new energy saving lights.

    The nanny state that you helped create is inexorably depleting your personal freedoms, beginning with the banning of incandesent lights. The state saw fit to remove this product from sale because it used more power in comparison. The state also imposed water restrictions five years ago which did not achieve anything.

    Remember when cars where artificially limited to 105kph last year for a while last year? All those accidents on the highways? How about the ban on wearing your pants real low? That didn’t work! We now have gangs roaming the train stations wearing their jeans up around their armpits hassling the passengers.

    Well meaning governments are a product of your inability to say stop. You always find a way of exceeding your limit. Living a life of moderation, understanding and mutual benefit is not to your liking or perhaps not within your grasp. So if you do manage to save a couple of kilowatt hours every month from light bulbs, I’m sure you will expend it on the umpteenth plasma you bought for the second guest bedroom that only your cousin’s wife’s niece uses once every two years when she visits.

    During the energy crisis that the Americans experienced in the 70’s during Jimmy Carter’ s tenure, Carter had remarked along the lines of “throw on another cardigan while at home during this winter”. Carter was crucified. The American public was keen in finding ways to alleviate the energy crisis without altering their energy demands. They did not want to change their energy demands.

    I want you all to make a list of all products that use power in your household and workplace that you did not have ten years ago. Now, switch them off and do not buy any more things that use power. You are helping.

    Go for an early morning drive through the suburbs, let’s say 2-4 am. How many traders are illuminating their shop and yard displays to next to noone at those God forsaken hours? Should they be turning their lights out? Could a letter from you to the trader make a difference?

    How about all those new traffic lights EVERYWHERE? Is there really a need for both a pedestrian crossing light and a bicycle crossing light? Are some suburban crossing lights really necessary to be operating 24 hrs a day?

    Waste of power can be observed very easily. Your goverment tries to control this by passing a stupid, draconian measure. Same with the water. It tried controlling the use of water from the smallest group of users, the households. Most water though was being lost in seepege and evaporation while being release to farmers. Only about 20% of the water was reaching the farms.

    What we all need to do is control ourselves. We lack impulse control and live to consume. We only band together when our rights have been infringed. Everyone has to do their bit of self control (act locally) to have a communal benefit (impact globally). This in turn will not result in governments infringing on your right to enjoy products which after any intervention, for the greater good, it has been forced to take away.

    Governments can only place square pegs in round holes. They cannot discriminate, therefore impose the same restriction on everyone. I’d hate to think the state punishes me for the damage someone has done somewhere else and without my knowledge or involvement.

    Slow down, spend less, turn down, switch off. Sure, it will cost a few jobs and wipe 500 points off the All Ords, but we cannot sustain all this growth. When we run out of oil, we’ll be well and truly fucked.

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