Constantine Frantzeskos


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  • Is this what you really want?

    Is it really any different from what’s on offer with cable and network TV?

    Face it viewers, you’re not really up to this choose and view revolution. You are the couch potato, the man with the remote who watches whatever’s on. You have evolved as far as you can go, the species known as Televisius Familiaris. Your television is the device you switch on when you decide to switch off the real world.

    The real world brings you bills and deadlines. The real world punishes your inquisitiveness and impatience. The real world persists with its problems, even if they no longer interest you. Your television is yours and yours alone to control, enjoy and cherish.

    Your television has accomplished all that without your help. It knows, all on its own. Don’t meddle with the TV.

    Television. Teacher, mother, secret lover. Truer words have never been spoken…

    Paul Karagiannis 13 years ago

  • awesome, you will be able to watch ess vs west coast highlights wirelessly

    John Curtin 13 years ago

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