Sex change for a 12 year old “adult”

In the light of the Bill Henson saga, where the major argument against his work is that his 12 or 13 year old models and their parents don’t have the wherewithal to approve of their own images in an artistic context, we hear of the Federal Court’s approval of a sex change for a 12 year old.

The court felt it was in the 12 year old’s best interests, and that she was able to make the decision with the family responsibly.

In one of the most blatant shows of the incompetence and hypocrisy that are the hallmarks of ALL ALP governments, Family Minister Jenny Macklin said “I think we have to understand that these issues are extremely complex, so I don’t want to go into the details of it”.

Had the Rudd Government’s response to Bill Henson’s art been thus, then I think it would have been far healthier for all concerned. However for the Rudd Government to condemn Bill Henson and to condone what is, quite frankly, a totally ludicrous and dangerous act as a sex change for a 12 year old, shows how twisted their thinking is.

Constantine Frantzeskos


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  • I’m not sure if you actually read the article properly, but the girl has been approved for hormone treatments that will only suppress her periods, hip growth and breast growth. Any surgery has to wait until she’s 18, and the hormone treatment is entirely reversible.

    I think you’d be better to have the facts straight before you condemn something as ‘disgusting’, particularly when there are overwhelming statistics about the rate of suicide in trans people.

    audrey 13 years ago

  • If the images are illegal in X, Y and Z, then obviously it makes Australia look a bit pervy to have them all over the net.

    The pornographer ditch is always, it may not be good art but it is art, or protected speech

    Australia is on the verge of decriminalizing pedophilia for rich guys.

    Tazia 12 years ago

  • Most people don’t know much about transsexuality. Just like most people don’t know much about the Mycenean legal system. It’s not exactly common knowledge, discussed over breakfast.

    It’s so far outside most people’s experience that they suspect some sort of con job, as most such things are.

    You can go over to and see “TS-101 Transsexuality for beginners” if you like. There are only a few references to the many scientific papers on the subject.

    But the short answer, the sound-byte, is that both autopsies and MRI (brain scans) have shown that the old cliche about “woman trapped in a man’s body” is true. Or at least, there’s a rather feminine brain, hence mind and personality, in a rather masculine body. I say “rather feminine” because not all the brain need be affected, just specific parts, and “rather masculine” because there are often other cross-gendered – “Intersexed” bodily features too. It’s not just the brain that gets affected by the congenital condition that causes this.

    Zoe Brain 12 years ago

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