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Fantastic news from LaunchVic

Victoria will be the home of the only startup fund of funds in Australia. Israel’s startup nation was boosted by Yozma. NZ has NZVIF. Now Australia has the Victorian Startup Capital Fund. This will make the market for early-stage startup investment.

Given the amount invested, it may drive many hundreds of

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LaTrobe Reading Room - Melbourne

A Reading Room of the future

What if we had the option of enhancing our reading space?

Imagine a personal reading room where the environment changed, enhancing and exaggerating the experience of reading?

Reading on Apple Books or a Kindle, during a tense moment in the book subtle atmos emerges from your smart speaker.

As the protagonist approaches a

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20 x 12 – 20 Trends for communicators in 2012

I’ve compiled a list of 20 trends for communicators for the next 12 months.  Enjoy!

1. True Digital Communications
What many people in our industry call “digital” is just online communications. Truly “Digital” operations occur across three layers: Hardware, Software and Online. Most agencies and companies have played with Online (Social ,

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