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Water into a leaky bucket = An empty bucket1 minute read

A very interesting article in the English Version of DER SPIEGEL, the respected German Newspaper.

It is with Kenyan Economist James Shikwati, who PLEADS with the West to stop aid to Africa.

In essence, what he is saying is something I have long believed in: That climate and history are not the causes of poverty and starvation in Africa, it is simply the lack of good government. The longer we pump money into the corrupt and incompetent African Governments, the longer they stay in power and keep the good people of Africa in a socialistic and subservient means of existence.

When we can free Africa from the grips of poor/socialistic/non-democratic Government, then the better of they will be. Look at Zimbabwe for example. It was a country which was democratic, free, capitalistic and prosperous. the Mugabe took over, used Government discretion to change things, impose his own wage, price and market fixes, and the next thing you know STARVATION occured.


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