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One thought on “Two Reasons why people say no to your idea – from Seth Godin”

  1. Paul Karagiannis says:


    “We’re moving in a different direction”

    “While we value your input….”

    “It isn’t plausible in a team environment”

    “Your ideas are ahead of our time however…”

    Some helpful advise to all who have been on the receiving end of one of these: Work three to five years, save your pennies and then leave.

    Leave if you feel you are being patronised and only in their employ as the equivalent of a white collar process worker. To get ahead in this company you have to fuck over those you work with. Is this for you? No? Then leave.

    You are working primarily because if you stopped working you would go hungry in 72 hrs. If you position yourself financially that you don’t anticipate Wednesday week like a proverbial salivating Pavlov’s dog, they don’t have you by the balls.

    Companies place their money, equipment and business in your hands. The bigger the responsibility you have, the bigger the risk the company runs with you damaging their business. So they put you on a monthly salary. One fuck up, one argument or one porn download later you are fired. Fired, with the prospect of not being paid a whole month’s salary.

    Don’t think yourself fortunate that you work in an office with a shirt and tie. You may seem to be fortunate compared to the maltese guy working rotating shifts at Toyota in Altona. But I guarantee you this: You will still be a white collar process worker after Charlie quits Toyota at 35 with $150k super and two houses paid off. Charlie will then put up $350k for a takeaway, work it five and half days for three years and sell to Ahmed the Lebo. By this time he’ll have another house, another $150k in the bank, $150 in cash under his washing machine (bolted into the concrete), a jetski, a 4WD and will start going on yearly holidays. You will continue to wait for every payday while your blue collar counterpart coasts through life with ease.

    You can escape this rat race though. Live with the premise that for you to be getting a wage, you are contributing more than your wage to the company. Now, grow some balls, step out of line and go do what you do for your boss for yourself. You have the training, the certification, the business contacts and the knowhow.

    Go be your own man. If not, come and be my bitch. You can have whatever crumbs fall from the table.

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