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Blogging Code of Conduct?1 minute read

…would be a silly idea. The internet has always been an open place, the product of its users. A code of conduct is a waste of time, a limitation. In the early days of the net (and before that, the days of suburban BBSs) there were certain protocols/etiquettes – “netiquettes” you had to adhere to. From memory (and please feel free to add more if you can remember them) they were – in no particular order:

  • Don’t waste bandwidth – if someone writes a big long important email, don’t respond with “cool” – it’s unecessary. Respond properly or don’t respond at all.
  • Remember the human – if you’re going to bag someone on a Usenet/Newsgroup ) or now a Blog, remember that there is a person behind the pseudonym/alias or their real name.
  • DON’T SHOUT! Capitals are loud and rude.
  • CAPITALS for shouting, *asterix* for italics or emphasis.
  • Remember that in normal conversation, facial expressions and vocal tones can change our preceptions – when writing emails or posting on a USENET group, use smileys to reflect the tone 😉
  • Be conservative in what you send and liberal in what you receive – self explanatory
  • If a message, email or post is over 100 lines (remember the thing abotu conserving bandwidth, it’s good to put (LONG) in the subject line

What has changed? These netiquettes are relevant, even if they were developed in those early, nascent days of the net.

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One thought on “Blogging Code of Conduct?”

  1. Paul Karagiannis says:


    Once an activity passes from the enthusiast to commerce and the consumer, etiquette and courtesy are sadly out the door. It’s not a private club where you can demand a code of conduct.

    It is my sad duty to speculate the internet and all the times, places and frames of mind it encompasses will eventually be subjected to the rule of law.

    Human nature IS above all about competition and war, not understanding and discussion. The law will have to eventually intervene, like a hesitant parent, to set rules. Between you, your audience, your ISP and the law there will be even less breathing room.

    Less bandwidth…

    More prying eyes…

    Slower porn downloads…

    God man, have you lost your mind? What is this can of worms you’ve opened? Oh the humanity, the humanity of it all!

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