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HOT or NOT: A judgemental person’s delight1 minute read

HOT or NOT is one of the most interesting sites I’ve seen in ages. My good friend RGM at Me and Us alerted me to its presence.

So quick, so instant, a site which enables you to judge thousands of people out of 10 purely on LOOKS! This is an anthropological study in the making, some sort of perfect survey on “looks” in contemporary society. In years to come people will be using this site to judge how fashion and looks have changed over the aeons. What do people find “attractive”? What is “good looking? How will it evolve?

I’m genuinely fascinated.

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One thought on “HOT or NOT: A judgemental person’s delight”

  1. Paul Karagiannis says:

    This reminds me of a comedy routine where Eddie Murphy impersonates Bill Cosby commenting on 1970’s black culture. Imagine one of the brothers who died during the height of the George Clinton/Parliament era and was ceremoniously buried with his big afro, shiny knee high ankle boots and a cape. Now imagine the man of the future digging up that grave: “This is the man..from Space!?”

    Now imagine the anthropological treasure trove you’re contributing to being unearthed by men of the future. Think back to your early adulthood and imagine being judged as a person on your actions as a pimply faced youth living in Australia in the mid 1990s. You live at home, your favourite music is techno (La Bouche, 2 Unlimited and Phil Collins- alright, Phil Collins is not music), you are a recreational stoner who enjoys Dr Pat roll-up tobacco when he can’t find gunga, your favourite food is pizza and your favourite daytime show is “Yan Can Cook”.

    Evolve pizza boy and don’t leave bread crumbs behind you. Don’t let future historians judge all by your all too superficial qualities.

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