I’ve started a new series: Economissed1 minute read

Articles conceived by me. Written by AI. Edited by me.

Last week I wrote about how I had created a vast number of GPTs on the Open AI Platform. Today, I share the product of one of these remarkable and revolutionary automations.

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) flirts with the boundaries of human creativity, curiosity and originality, I’ve decided to embark on an audacious quasi-journalistic venture. Behold, a new series of articles, penned by my weary amateur hand conjured by the silicon synapses of AI, diligently honed on the style guide of a renowned free-market economics newspaper. (Believe me, the instructions for the specific GPT I created were quite painful to polish).

Imagine, if you will, AI donning the cap of a seasoned writer for that esteemed newspaper, sipping digital tea as it mulls over my random inputs and thoughts. With a fair bit of research, a touch of dry wit and a dash of drollery, my musings are transformed into pieces that promise to blend the analytical acumen of a machine with the stylistic flair of a seasoned scribe.

A tip of the hat to the future, where AI crunches numbers and crafts narratives.

And if you would like to write an article that the Economissed, then feel free to use the GPT yourself, right here:

The only thing I ask is that if you post your article anywhere, you tag it #Economissed

Update: The first post from the Economissed series is here: Economissed: The Santa Dilemma

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