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Why do I blog?

1. Because I enjoy the discipline of observing & writing.
2. Because I enjoy a rant (even if it’s to very few people) about issues which I’m passionate about.
3. Because some friends are amused by it.
4. Because I can see the stats of what people read, search for

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Alan Morris loses his Mojo

One of the most influential people in the history of Australian advertising and popular culture, Alan Morris, has died of cancer.


Morris, half of the Morris and Johnson partnership (MoJo Advertising), created ads like Hogan’s “Shrimp on the barbie”, Meadow Lee’s “You oughta be Congratulated”, Speedo’s “Everybody loves Speedo’s”, Winfield’s

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Twitter is the reality TV of the web. Short, bite sized bursts of thought, with no narration, to be consumed instantaneously.

I’m thinking it might be an American phenomenon. Whatever it is, it’s growing exponentially. I’m not convinced yet. Stay tuned.

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EMI and Apple

It’s fantastic to see EMI and Apple strike a revolutionary agreement which frees up EMI’s content, removing DRM on music for use on any machine, whether iPod or a third party music player.

This big news, as reported by Mac Rumours, is:

  • EMI’s Music will be sold without Digital Rights Management

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