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No bread for (red)1 minute read

Have I mentioned this before?

What % of charity money goes to the people in need?

They’ve tried to diffuse it with this. Lame rebuttal. (red) is like many other major charities – a rort, a joke, and a means for people to feel like they’re doing something positive when in fact they’re feathering someone’s opulent nest.

I’ll ask this question until I’m blue in the face: “What % of charity money actually goes to the people in need?”

Bring on genuine, capitalistic microcredit. It’ll bring millions out of poverty in a flash.

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One thought on “No bread for (red)”

  1. Paul Karagiannis says:

    Finally, someone who seems to share my views on charity.

    Charity is by my understanding the running of an enterprise whose financial goal is to redistribute its profits among people in need.

    Owing to my pessimistic, sinister and negative nature it is also my understanding people working for charities draw a salary, get paid bonuses and have fringe benefits.

    Charity workers and charity patrons also wear their association on their breast pocket and drop it in conversation, highlight it on resumes and enjoy social gatherings in charity’s name.

    Listen up credit monkeys: you are all at least undergrads from somewhere, held good white collar jobs for at least five years and the world is yours. You are scientists and you are salesmen, you are pillars and you are spinners. Why is it then that you believe a credit card company when they tell you they will give to charity?

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