Traditional media are n00b5 – gaming is a PHENOMENON1 minute read

WOW Burning Crusade is out. it’s very, very big. this is bigger than any film release of this year. The traditional media is slow to understand; close to 7 million people pay USD$13 per month to play World of Warcraft. That’s big bikkies, about $80m per month or thereabouts, or close to BILLION U.S. DOLLARS A YEAR.

Bigger than Titanic.

Even in the guy in the little EB Games shop in Elizabeth St, Melbourne, told me in NOVEMBER that he had pre-sold 600 “Burning Crusade” at $10 a pop close to three months before eventual release. Pretty funny eh?

Like I said, the traditional media are SO slow in picking this phenomenon up.

Check it here!

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