Toy Stores are really wonderful places – for an adult

The joy of walking into a toy store as a kid. Is there anything in adult life that approximates that pure open horizon, unlimited ecstasy of reverie?


I walked into a toy store today and looked around.  They are still great, still so cool. I got that little feeling of naughtiness, like I shouldn’t want any of it, but I wanted it all: the Star Wars light saber, the Scalextrix slot cars, the remote control cars, the Matchbox cars, the Transformers, the computer games.

Why is it on TV, in entertainment, in advertising and contemporary communications everyone tries so hard to be boring, dumbed-down and bland? Deep down surely everyone is a kid who has been bored to death too many times to remember the good fun they used to have. Why can’t product marketers and communications gurus see that while things might be oh-so creative, high-brow and witty, often it’s at the expense of actually being FUN!

Toys = fun. People want toys. People want fun.

What a blissful way to spend a lunch break.

Constantine Frantzeskos

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