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Fear of failure, fear of apples1 minute read

How sick are we of telling another website what our name and details are?

How sick are we of remembering our various passwords?

How sick are we of having to make decisions, and the risk that it might not be the right one? We are the options generation, the people that have grown up in such a period of change that we’re afraid of making commitments in case the commitment takes us down a path that is made redundant or is superseded, or just boring. HEY, there’s something new here or something better, why didn’t I recognise this earlier?!


How many abandoned blogs MySpace pages and Twitter accounts are there in the world? How many ex’s? How many old toys? How many false starts? How many career changes? How many “we’re starting this project as a stop gap before the real project takes off once we get budget approval”?

I guess the key is learning how to make a single decision well, so that you may never have to make that decision again. You’ve decided and implemented correctly.

Seth Godin talks about the stress of choosing Apples. They’re just apples. They’ll be eaten in a minute. Why should it be so hard?

As always, he’s a top read: Seths Blog: Fear of apples.

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