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Kiss my RSS – An Explanation of RSS2 minute read

Why don’t more people use RSS? Let’s start at the beginning, with an answer to the question: “What is RSS?” The best way to describe it is as a subscription to all of your favourite websites in the form of a “ticker tape” style notification. It allows your favourite sites’ new content, stories, posts and images to be delivered to you, rather than having to visit those sites to get the content.

As soon as there’s some new content – in the form of a new news piece, new photo, new video, new comment, new post, new item – the RSS feed you’ve subscribed to from that site notifies you of the new content – and even delivers it to you.

Therefore, instead of spending all day trying to find content you might like on various websites, you can subscribe and customise RSS feeds, and the content you like finds you.

I subscribe to over 400 RSS feeds – unique sources of information – grouped around the following topics:

  • APAC Business
  • US Business News
  • Economics
  • Clients
  • Digital and Social Media
  • Fashion and Culture
  • Footy
  • Forums (Forums are where 98% of online conversations occur  – I subscribe to the most popular, across topics as varied as Automotive, Mums, Fashion, Music, Youth, Politics, Finance… You name it).
  • Friends
  • Greek Sites
  • Italian Sites
  • Insights
  • Marketing News
  • European Business
  • Asian Business
  • Middle East Business
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Music Business
  • News and Opinion
  • Planning
  • Politics and Liberty
  • Random Blogs
  • SEO / SMO / SEM Insights
  • Shopping
  • Statistics
  • Strategy
  • Trends and Future
  • Video

So – if you’d like to be able to read the sports section of the Herald-Sun, the Business section of The Australian, the Opinion section of The Age, YouTube videos tagged “Daicos”, blog posts from the von Mises Institute, the Restaurant Review section of the New York Times, the Collingwood Forum on, and the latest fashion updates from [frockwriter], all in five minutes without having to swap between 100 websites, then RSS feeds are for you.

All you need to do is be on the lookout for the orange or blue RSS logo – on various websites, and you’re halfway there! Then, by using Google Reader, Netvibes or other RSS readers, you can subscribe to your favourite feeds.

Published by Constantine Frantzeskos

I help global businesses delight their future digital customers with user-centred digital strategies, innovations and ideas.