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The new AFL site is utterly dreadful1 minute read

The new AFL site has just come online. Sorry, the BETA site, from the little sign they’ve got on the top, has gone online.

Unlike most over BETA sites though, this one isn’t off the main site, for use in testing, it’s the REAL DEAL! So it’s not BETA, it’s the RELEASE site. We don’t have the option of going back to the main AFL site if we are having troubles, that’s it.

The new site uses flash modules and info to display information, much of which is totally superfluous. We’ve got a whopping big graphic in the middle of the page, news way out of the way, TINY litle mini thumbnails of the club logos and the most dreadful, illegible match preview module I’ve ever seen. No details of upcoming matches, no times, no dates, no nothing. It’s a bloody shoddy first draft of a site at best. And even then, the user experience is really bad – hard to build a good design on top of a bad skeleton.

Telstra, SPIN Communications, CFour and the AFL should be ashamed of themselves for letting this shite get through to the public. A lot of work to go before this is even presentable.

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One thought on “The new AFL site is utterly dreadful”

  1. Marco says:

    Mate – its not that bad. It’s a lot like We know the AFL copies everything the NBA does anyway, so why not the website?

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