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One home for all of my news, please1 minute read

I used to LOVE Google Reader.

I migrated over to “The Old Reader”.

I’m a huge fan of “Apple News”.

I read a heap of magazines via Zinio.

One of the best perks of a subscription to The Australian is the Wall Street Journal subscription bundled in.

Make it easy for me to visit one channel/tab/app/source. Don’t make me open twenty different tabs. Don’t make me collect twenty different magazines from the letterbox.

For many, social media has been their one-stop shop for news curation. Their single source.

But that’s changing – social media upstream share of traffic to news publishers is in decline.

That’s why I love credible, well resourced, well-researched journalism from a range of sources via a limited number of locations. Apple’s News+ service seeks to bundle a range of high-quality magazine and newspapers in one source. The advantage for the publishers is extending their physical availability into this channel, the advantage for Apple is another regular revenue subscription business. In the absence of some sort of micropayment wallet that allows for simple access to any news source or article, this is the next best thing.

Is a great example of how Apple has fallen in love with the subscription model of business. First Music. Now TV. Now News.

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