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JJJ – The Secret Station

JJJ thought they’d “do a MySpace” and exclusively promote a Jet concert on the banks of the Yarra at the last minute. The concert was held this afternoon, Jet literally played on the Yarra, on a floating barge, in the Sunday afternoon sun, with the Melbourne skyline as a backdrop.

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Cop That!

It’s amazing. The soaring price of copper has led to organised theft of copper wire and materials from instrastructure such as tram lines and electricity poles. In today’s instance, missing copper led to a northern Melbourne tram line being shut down during the morning commute period.

Check the chart below

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Tony Abbott Gives Up the Coke

Tony Abbott, known by some as the “Mad Monk” of Federal Parliament, has advocated the removal of soft drinks from household fridges, and a “McDonalds-style” campaign by the company (and possibly through Government funding) to promote healthy lifestyles.

What has gotten into that man’s head?

People should be free to drink whatever

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Drowning in the BogPond

Telstra’s ISP division, BigPond, has just released its ADSL 2+ service, which is priced at over double the most competitive market ADSL 2+ offering. Incredibly, not only is BigPond offering a paltry 12GB a month under it’s largest volume offer, it also charges for UPLOADS, which means in real terms,

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